• Picasso Terrazzo manufactures low-carbon, real concrete and terrazzo architectural finishes.
  • We are strong team with diverse set of backgrounds, and a passion for concrete design, sustainability and quality in common.
  • Our products offer surface solutions that showcase the organic beauty of real concrete and natural stone, and at the same time are produced sustainably in unique contemporary designs. 
  • Our precast  formulations have been engineered to meet the highest technical building standards.
  • This equates to durability, a long product lifespan across all your projects, and an opportunity to offset your project’s carbon footprint with friendlier material choices.
  • We maintain excellent long-term partnerships with our raw materials suppliers to guarantee stable and consistent products from sample to production.



  • SOCIETY: to add our touch to Vietnam’s landscape of globally renowned decorative concrete surfaces. We aspire to build a company that is not only exemplary in its sustainable manufacturing processes but also to develop further, positively, Vietnam’s face as a model for green production.
  • We aim to tread lightly and reduce embodied energy output during production and both our overall carbon footprint and that of projects we can make a contribution towards.
  • PRODUCT: to bring both a more sustainable and safer material solution to designers and the greater market. In 2023, Picasso aims to design and produce not only the lowest carbon architectural concrete in the world but also the strongest.
  • PARTNERS: to always remain innovative and competitive from both the demand for sustainable construction materials and modern and sophisticated, concrete and terrazzo designs. We want our partnerships to last long-term.
  • To our partners, we wish to preserve and develop our relationships always with a sense of respect towards transparency, integrity and most of all, longevity.
  • TEAM: Picasso is a family team and we consider our people to be our greatest asset. We are continuously investing in and supporting our team to increase their skillsets, and leadership abilities.