Our Vision

Here at Picasso, we aim to add our touch to Vietnam’s landscape of globally renowned decorative concrete surfaces. We aspire to build a company that is not only exemplary in its sustainable manufacturing processes but also to develop further, positively, Vietnam’s face as a model for green production.

Our process

We are pleased to provide all assistance, advice, and further consultation for your project. Kindly reach out to us via our contact form or send email to: sales@picassoterrazzo.com

We produce customized designs as well as standard pieces with immediate availability, ready to be delivered at your request.

Our formulations contain very low cement and over 90% totally recycle materials. Our carbon-footprint is greatly reduced compared to conventional concrete terrazzo.

Our water waste is caught and recycled. Off-cuts are repurposed as road fill. All our products are air-cured and produce very low VOC emissions as we do not use epoxy or resin binders.

All of Picasso products are made in Ba Ria – Vung Tau, Vietnam, delivered worldwide.

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